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    The amount of water produced by drip irrigation pipes depend

    Drip irrigation equipment in the field application of improper use of a variety of accidents, including pipe explosion, water piercing, burns and powder. Causes of the accident, there are filled with equipment manufacturer congenitally inad...

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    Vegetable Water & Fertilizer Integration Project

    Project Name: Installation Of Drip Iirrigation Equipment For Vegetable Water-Fertilizer Integration Project Product Name: PVC pipe, PE pipe, the first intelligent control system, drip irrigation tape, etc.. Project Overview: The projects ma...

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    The Market Potential of Drip Tape: Telling by a Leading Drip Tape Manufacturer

    Have you ever heard about drip irrigation system? Indeed, the drip tape is a perfect choice for vegetable gardens, due to the drip irrigation system can achieve even watering. If you are doing related business, you might can research on the...

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    Solution of Drip Irrigation Emitter Watering Problem

    As the emitter part of drip irrigation system with long-term work and variable load environment, the drip irrigation emitter has high working intensity. If the manager has various improper operations during maintenance, the drip irrigation...

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    Sustainable Development and the Development of Water-Saving Irrigation

    Water-saving irrigation is very important for many industries. With the continuous improvement and optimization of advanced technology products, Orientflexs water-saving irrigation products will play a big role in various industries. We bel...

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    What Kinds of Plants are Suitable for Drip Irrigation and Micro Spray Irrigation?

    Do you know different kinds of plants are suitable for different irrigation methods? For vegetables, drip irrigation should be used. For flowers, seedlings, soilless plants, and ornamental plants, micro spray irrigation is usually used. Veg...

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    A Container of PE Irrigation Tape was Loaded

    One container of PE irrigation tape loaded on Apr. 22, 2021. It will be shipped to Algeria, in time as negotiated. Orientflex produces irrigation hoses, PVC hoses, industrial hoses, hydraulic hoses, silicone vacuum hoses, pneumatic hoses an...

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    How to Repair the Leakage of PE Micro Rain Spray Pipe?

    Some customers said that the PE micro rain spray pipe used for a long time will appear leakage phenomenon, asked us how to solve the problem. Encounter this kind of problem, of course, it should be repaired in time. Then I will introduce re...



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