Venturi Fertilizer

Venturi Fertilizer
Product Description:

The Venturi fertilizer applicator is installed in parallel with the water supply pipe control valve of the irrigation system. When used, the valve on the main water pipe is adjusted so as to form a proper pressure difference, and part of the water flows through the venturi Utilizing the resulting vacuum and atmospheric pressure, spacious fertilizer solution from the mouth of the tube in a uniform suction piping system fertilization.

Working Principle:

Venturi Fertilizer Working Principle:

The flow of water from the inlet. 1. to the venturi throat. 2. the flow rate will increase at the same time the pressure drop in the pipe flow to facilitate the formation of Negative pressure in the throat sidewall on the small mouth. 3. will produce adsorption plastic ball is sucked away from the rubber gasket as shown in the purple arrow Small joints. 4. with a water pipe from the open access to an open manure fertilizer tank was taken into the mixed water flow out of the outlet to achieve the effect of fertilization. When the fertilizer to stop the plastic ball .5. 6. under the action of the spring will block the rubber gasket. 7. the middle of the pipe to prevent water flow back to the fertilizer irrigation.
Venturi Fertilizer
Venturi Fertilizer Specification
Venturi Fertilizer

Order Type Selection:

Venturi Fertilizer

Note; Venturi injector operation requires excessive pressure to ensure the necessary pressure loss, injector pressure is uniform to ensure nutrient concentration, pressure loss with the percentage of inlet pressure to said suction entrance pressure loss generated Twenty percent or more, Venturi fertilizer will cause greater pressure loss usually installed when the installation of a small booster pump.

According to the pressure loss of the product, design according to the relevant parameters of the pressure pump.