Micro Spray Tape

Micro irrigation spray tape is also named as sprinkler hose, rain tape, rain hose, , perforated tube,porous tube.etc. It is a new type of micro-irrigation equipment, the principle of the work is to use water pressure through the water pipe and micro-spray pipe tape to the field, through the micro-spray tape water hole, under the role of gravity and air resistance, the formation of a drizzle-like spraying effect.

black Micro Spray Tape black Micro Spray Tape
2-Micro Spray Tape 2-Micro Spray Tape
1-Micro Spray Tape 1-Micro Spray Tape

1. Saving labor cost 50%-80%, saving water 40%-80%, saving fertilizer 50%, increase the crops 10%-30%.
2. Using high quality raw material and anti-ultraviolet ration, anti-aging.
3. Testing anti-aging life fro more than 3 years, low working pressure, low energy consumption.
4. The hole layout design is scientific, the aperture is smooth, not easy to plug and spray uniform is high, no wind and breeze weather ensure normal use.
5. Flexible design, convenient operation and sufficient standard meters.
6. Irrigation uniform, irrigation are is large, increase crops.
7. Easy to store and handle, easy to install and operate.

Micro-spray tape (commonly used mainly has a fold diameter of 35 mm, folding diameter 45 mm, folding diameter 50 mm and fold ingrestoration 65 mm, etc.) through the duck mouth bypass valve or soft band four-way valve with the ground laid PE soft tape connection.

Micro Spray Tape Detailed Specs

Fold diameter: 25-120mm, diameter: 16-75mm, thickness: 0.15-6mm, hole number: 3-7
Spray area: 1-10 meter, working pressure: 40-200kpa
The main model of the micro spray tape: fold diameter( 32mm ,40mm, 50mm, 63mm)

Micro irrigation spray tape irrigation system is a low cost and high efficient farm quick irrigation solution. It is easy to install, maintain, reallocate and works with low water pressure to save labor and energy. Comparing with traditional flooding irrigation, It can save more than 50% water, and increase the harvest 60%~80%.We can supply rain tape and related accessories.

Micro spray tape with double layer co-extrusion production technology, laser precision punching, hydraulic like rain, uniform, fine does not hurts crops, anti-clogging performance id good, easy installation, remove, mobile performance is good, price is low, costs is low.

Cutting down production costs.
Decreasing damage by from insects.

Cutting down production costs.
Decreasing damage by from insects.

Micro Spray Tape Application

The micro spray hose is mainly suitable for farmland, orchard, vegetable field, forest, grass and flowers, and facility cultivation and agricultural irrigation.Micro-spray irrigation, as a popular irrigation method in modern agricultural irrigation, not only has a good irrigation effect, but also can be circled in terms of water conservation.

PE Micro Spray Tape application
3-PE Micro Spray Tape application
2-PE Micro Spray Tape application

Micro Spray Irrigation Precautions for use

1. Before laying the micro-spraying belt, use medicine to remove the pests (such as mole crickets, etc.) in the soil to prevent them from harming the crops and biting the micro-spraying belt.
2. When laying, the hole of the micro-spray belt should be upward and the tail should be blocked. Then squeeze with water pump. Wrap the water inlet with gauze (filter mesh) to prevent clogging of the holes. In case of blockage, you can untie the tail and rinse it with clean water for one minute. You can also tap the tube wall gently with your hands and other tools.
3. When using it for the first time, according to your pump pressure and the working length of the micro-spray belt, turn on the switch first. It is better to open a few more switches to prevent the micro-spray belt from bursting due to excessive pressure. If the pressure is not enough, just turn off a few switches. You will know how many switches you turn on next time. If the water is tested on that piece, turn on the switch before changing the piece, and then turn off all the switches on the tested piece to prevent blasting caused by improper use.
4. When changing the stubble, first squeeze the micro-spray belt with a water pump, wash it, roll it up, and put it in a cool place to prevent rats and other things from biting, so that it can be used again next time.

Micro Spray Irrigation Fittings

PE Micro Spray Tape fittings

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