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Micro Spray Tape

The micro spray hose is a new type of micro irrigation equipment. The working principle is to bring water pressure to the field through water pipes and micro spray hoses.

black Micro Spray Tape black Micro Spray Tape
2-Micro Spray Tape 2-Micro Spray Tape
1-Micro Spray Tape 1-Micro Spray Tape
PE Micro Spray Tape PE Micro Spray Tape

Abbreviation : MSH
Materials: PE
Through the water outlet holes on the micro spray hose, it forms under the action of gravity and air resistance. Drizzle spray effect. The outlet holes of the micro spray hose are mixed with multiple and empty groups, arranged according to a certain distance and a certain rule, such as: oblique five holes, oblique three holes, horizontal three holes, left and right holes and no holes, etc. The outlet holes are generally mechanically drilled. , Start drilling and laser drilling, the hole diameter is 0.1~1.2mm, and the hollow shape is round.

Micro Spray Tape Feature

Micro spray hose is a porous spray hose produced by laser or mechanical perforation method. With different working pressures, spray width of the micro spray hose changes,The micro spraying hose has the advantages of soft spraying, appropriate amount, uniformity, low water pressure, low cost, simple and convenient laying, moving, winding, and storage.

Micro Spray Tape Specification

Micro Spray Tape Application

The micro spray hose is mainly suitable for farmland, orchard, vegetable field, forest, grass and flowers, and facility cultivation and agricultural irrigation.

PE Micro Spray Tape application
2-PE Micro Spray Tape application
3-PE Micro Spray Tape application

Precautions for use

1. Before laying the micro-spraying belt, use medicine to remove the pests (such as mole crickets, etc.) in the soil to prevent them from harming the crops and biting the micro-spraying belt.
2. When laying, the hole of the micro-spray belt should be upward and the tail should be blocked. Then squeeze with water pump. Wrap the water inlet with gauze (filter mesh) to prevent clogging of the holes. In case of blockage, you can untie the tail and rinse it with clean water for one minute. You can also tap the tube wall gently with your hands and other tools.
3. When using it for the first time, according to your pump pressure and the working length of the micro-spray belt, turn on the switch first. It is better to open a few more switches to prevent the micro-spray belt from bursting due to excessive pressure. If the pressure is not enough, just turn off a few switches. You will know how many switches you turn on next time. If the water is tested on that piece, turn on the switch before changing the piece, and then turn off all the switches on the tested piece to prevent blasting caused by improper use.
4. When changing the stubble, first squeeze the micro-spray belt with a water pump, wash it, roll it up, and put it in a cool place to prevent rats and other things from biting, so that it can be used again next time.







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