Filter&Fertilizer Tank

Drip Irrigation Filters

Professional Drip Irrigation Filters Manufacturer in China, your best choice for irrigation solution.

Centrifugal Filter

Centrifugal Filter is mainly used for primary filtration of sandy water flow, and can separate sand and stones in water…

Mesh Screen Filter

The parameters of the mesh filter can be adjusted according to the actual working conditions. It is easy to operate..

Disc Filter

The laminated filter consists of a certain number of circular laminated sheets that are overlapped and locked to form…

Sand Filter

Sand filter, also known as quartz sand filter, sand filter, is a filter that performs three-dimensional deep filtration…

Fertilizer Tank

Venturi Fertilizer Injectors

Small size, light weight, convenient connection, simple operation, trouble-free, and little pressure loss…

Fertilizer Tanks

hen the tank is small (less than 100L), it is best to pour the solid fertilizer into the fertilizer tank after dissolution…







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