PE Pipe Fittings

PE pipe fittings are designed and produced in accordance with national standards. They have high interface strength and can be connected with pipes of the same type. The installation is simple, the connection is firm, and there are no water leakage. Various models are available. Quick-connect fittings are mainly used in high-pressure liquid pipelines, water transmission, drinking water and hydraulic industries. The connection is fast and convenient, and the mechanical performance is superior.

PE Compression Coupling

Non-toxic and tasteless, corrosion-resistant, weather-resistant, easy to install, and cost-effective. The quality is produced in strict accordance with the ISO9001-2000 international quality management system, and it can be used for a long time under long-term continuous working pressure.

PE Compression Elbow

PE quick connect elbow, compact in structure, beautiful in appearance, strong and durable, complete in supporting facilities, high in pressure resistance and strong in pull-out resistance, suitable for connection of PE, PVC and PPR pipes.
Size: 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63, 75

PE Compression Tee

The pipe fittings are made of pure raw material polyethylene, which has excellent low temperature resistance, flexibility, good impact resistance, wear resistance, smooth inner wall, and high medium flow rate.

PE Pipe Fittings Application

PE Compression Coupling Apllication
PECompression Elbow application
PE Compression Tee Application







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