Flat Emitter Drip Tape

We provide high -quality drip irrigation tape and fittings to facilitate maintenance and set up high -efficiency watering systems for your plants.

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Pressure Compensating Drippers

We provide Dripper and Drip Arrow, two types of drip irrigation belt supporting facilities to meet your different needs.

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pvc layflat hose

Layflat Hose&Fittings

We provide a series of flat hose types made of PVC, rubber or polyurethane, as well as components with hoses with fittings.

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We provide hoses of PE and PVC materials, as well as supporting fast connectors.

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black Micro Spray Tape

Micro -spray tapes can be accurate micro -irrigation, which is very suitable for shrubbing, trees, containers and flower beds.

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Centrifugal Filter

Provide excellent filter and fertilizer can provide solutions that meet your demand for filtering, purification and fertilizer tanks.

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DIY Drip Tape Kit

Drip irrigation kit -adjustable high -grade garden watering system, suitable for elevated garden beds, courtyards, lawns or rooms

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Citrus Drip Irrigation & Fertilizer Integration Project

The topography of the project location is hilly area, and the water source is a reservoir at the top of the hill. It is recommended that the power equipment be adopted for the low drop.

Strawberry drip irrigation technology, drip irrigation system

This model USES drip irrigation technology to water – saving irrigation of greenhouse strawberries. The average drop flow is 1.5-3 liters per hour.

Vegetable Water & Fertilizer Integration Project

The project’s main line is PVC pipe, need to start from the water source, each greenhouses have two outlets, the ends of the two outlets located in greenhouses, PVC pipe needs to be buried deep underground in order to extend the using time and does not affect the production activities of the ground.

Advantages of integrated water and fertilizer technology on orchards

The integrated water and fertilizer technology can accelerate the absorption rate of the fruit tree root system, which is conducive to the vigorous growth of fruit trees under severe climate conditions and promotes the early maturity of fruit trees. 

Advantages of potato drip irrigation system

Drip-filled potatoes after many years of domestic projects, proved that there are indeed a variety of advantages, including higher economic efficiency, more environmentally friendly ecological friendliness, more far-reaching agricultural social constructive.







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