On May 13, 2019, a customer from the United Arab Emirates purchased a container of drip irrigation tape for crops. This customer is the second time to purchase, this time will be widely applied to the farm.

Why do you use drip irrigation? Because drip irrigation is a bit large compared to traditional irrigation methods.
1, the device is light weight. Easy to arrange and charge in the field.
2, drip irrigation pipe drop head spacing can be adjusted according to user needs.
3, it is applicable to the field crops. Greenhouse vegetables and fruit tree planting and other conditions.
4, drip irrigation pipe use of new materials. High strength, corrosion resistance, anti-aging.
5, the device can be water fertilizer with the application. Improve fertilizer utilization rate, save fertilizer.
6, its water-saving effect can reach more than 85%, energy saving more than 65%, increase production of more than 30%.

The above is the advantage of the drip irrigation belt. It is precisely because of these factors that the drip irrigation belt has become the most popular irrigation method for farmers.