Fruits and vegetables are supposed to be the freshest in season, and everyone loves them. But people also pursue things with rare for expensive, the fruit and vegetable that is out of season also is people’s heart love. Therefore, people began to try a variety of methods to cultivate fruit and vegetables out of season. Greenhouse vegetables, greenhouse fruits, advanced planting methods and scientific irrigation technology, people in the fruit and vegetable planting never lack of high-yield methods.

Fruits and vegetables can “grow at will” in the season that is not suitable for their survival. On the one hand, the greenhouse can adjust the temperature suitable for their growth. On the other hand, the fruits and vegetables in the greenhouse now use advanced irrigation technology, sprinkler irrigation.

Sprinkler irrigation can make efficient use of water resources, so that crop seedlings can fully receive water nourishment. It not only ensures the water saving and energy saving, but also ensures the high yield of crops. Next, I will tell you about the advantages of sprinkler irrigation.

Sprinkler irrigation can effectively save water. As we all know, the traditional flood irrigation is to let the water flow, waste a lot of water resources, but also easy to cause land salinization.

On the other hand, micro-spraying can irrigate the soil near the root zone in a timely and appropriate amount according to the requirements of crop water, thus significantly reducing the loss of irrigation water.

Moreover, the water of micro-sprinkler irrigation is uniform, and the micro-irrigation system can effectively control the water flow of each emitter, so the uniformity of irrigation water is high, generally up to more than 85%.

Micro spray can also save a lot of manpower. Micro spray belt is a pipe network water supply, easy to operate, high labor efficiency, and easy to automatic control, so it can significantly save labor; Meanwhile, micro-irrigation is localized and keeps much of the ground dry, reducing weed growth and thus reducing labor and herbicide costs for weeding. Fertilizers and chemicals can be applied directly to the soil near the roots, along with irrigation water, through micro-irrigation systems, without manual work.

Most importantly, micro sprays can lead to higher yields. Irrigation must reach the root of the crop effectively, and the micro-spraying belt can supply water and fertilizer to the root zone of the crop timely and appropriately, so as to create a good water, heat, air and nutrient environment for the soil in the active layer of the root system, so as to achieve high and stable yield and improve product quality.