We all know that micro spray hose equipment is operated by water as the medium, so in order to avoid the occurrence of adverse conditions such as blockage, there are specific requirements for water quality.

1. Avoid oil and debris in the water source from entering the micro spray hose, which is particularly important for galvanized pipeline. Oil will lead to the failure of automatic exhaust valve; Hemp silk, white paint, sand, iron filings, oil and other debris will cause the water flow protection switch failure.

2. The hemp wire in the water source will be entangled in the micro spray hose, causing blockage, resulting in stuck or burned; It will block the gap of the plate, leading to the reduction of the efficiency of the plate, freezing crack, and then the fluorine system water, the host scrapped.

3. Excessive sundries in the water source will clog the filter and cause under-current. Pipeline flushing is not allowed to connect with the host machine.