Drip Tape&Fittings

Inlaid Patch Type Drip Irrigation Tape

Inlaid patch type drip irrigation tape is a water-saving product commonly used in drip irrigation systems.

Strip Type Drip Irrigation Tape

The internally embedded continuous strip drip irrigation tape is composed of a PE hose and an internally embedded continuous strip.

Labyrinth Drip Irrigation Tape

Labyrinth Drip Irrigation Tape is made of high-quality material and has very good tensile properties, which is convenient for mechanized laying operations.

Flat Emitter Drip Tape

The inner flat emitter drip irrigation tape is an integrated drip irrigation equipment that inserts a flat emitter in the inner wall of the tape.

Round Emitter Drip Pipe

It drips water and nutrients into the crop evenly and slowly through a low-pressure pipe system and a dripper.

Cylindrical Dripline Pipe

Cylindrical Dripline Pipe ues High-quality PE material,firm and durable

Under Ground Drip Irrigation Tape

The Under ground drip irrigation tape is based on the conventional drip irrigation tape products.

Double Hole Drip Irrigation Tape

The structure of the drip irrigation tape is composed of a PE tube and a dripper, in which the tube and the dripper are designed as double holes;

Drip Tape Fittings

For your different types of drip irrigation tapes fittings, including pull rings, lock nuts, mini valves, etc., we provide you with different types of drip irrigation tape accessories to meet your needs. Custom drip tape connectors are available upon request.







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