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Labyrinth Drip Irrigation Tape

Labyrinth drip irrigation tape Labyrinth drip irrigation tape
black Labyrinth drip irrigation tape black Labyrinth drip irrigation tape
1-Labyrinth drip irrigation tape 1-Labyrinth drip irrigation tape

The self-flushing labyrinth drip irrigation belt is made of ethylene and propylene copolymer of polyethylene resin, and the main material is black masterbatch.

Labyrinth Drip Irrigation Tape Features

1. The labyrinth flow channel and the drip hole are formed by one-time vacuum hot pressing, with good adhesion and high manufacturing precision.
2. Multi-port water outlet in turbulent flow state, strong anti-blocking ability.
3. Labyrinth flow channel design, uniform water output, up to 85%, and laying up to 80m.
4. Light weight, convenient installation and management, low manual installation cost.

Labyrinth Drip Irrigation Tape Performance

1.Self-flushing labyrinth drip irrigation belt, labyrinth flow channel, drip hole and pipeline are formed at one time, with excellent performance.
2.The wider labyrinth water channel, the water flow is in a turbulent state and has multiple inlets, which has strong anti-clogging ability.
3.High-quality materials are selected, and the tensile properties are excellent, which is convenient for mechanized laying operations.
4.Light weight, easy to operate and carry.

Product application

Labyrinth drip irrigation belt is suitable for laying along crop rows in greenhouses, greenhouses and fields, and the maximum laying length on flat ground is 194 meters.







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