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Impact Sprinkler

Impact Sprinkler is a commonly used open-air sprinkler irrigation equipment, and is an important sprinkler in irrigation equipment.

Red Impact Sprinkler Red Impact Sprinkler
Impact Sprinkler Impact Sprinkler
Green Impact Sprinkler Green Impact Sprinkler
BLACK Impact Sprinkler BLACK Impact Sprinkler

Materials :copper, zinc alloy and plastic.
The reversing mechanism can be used for full-circle or arbitrary fan-shaped spraying. Wear-reducing sealing ring, unique rocker arm design, long life,Stable performance.

Impact Sprinkler Spec

Impact Sprinkler Spec

The principle of impact sprinkler

It is on the rocker shaft above the nozzle, and a front end is equipped with a deflector (water baffle) and a deflector. When the water is sprayed from the nozzle, it hits the deflector to make The rocker arm generates a tangential motion force and rotates around the cantilever at an angle, and then returns to and hits the nozzle under the action of the torsion spring, so that the nozzle rotates an angle. Repeatedly, the nozzle can rotate in a full circle. For example, if a limit device and a reversing mechanism are added to the nozzle, so that the nozzle rotates in a reverse direction after rotating a certain angle, fan-shaped sprinkler irrigation can be carried out. Suitable for stationary medium pressure sprinkler irrigation systems.

Best Impact Sprinkler Application

Rocker sprinklers are widely used in field sprinkler irrigation, open-air nurseries, fruit and vegetable gardens and gardening fields. They are one of the most widely used and most stable sprinklers.

Impact Sprinkler Appliaction
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