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Hanging Sprinkler

Hanging micro-spray Hanging micro-spray
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1-Hang Sprinkler 1-Hang Sprinkler

According to the structure of the micro-sprinkler, it can be divided into single-side wheel micro-sprinkler; double-side-wheel micro-sprinkler; refraction micro-sprinkler; rotary micro-sprinkler; atomized micro-sprinkler, etc.

Hanging Sprinkler System Spec

Features Of Hanging Sprinkler

1. Simple installation, operation and maintenance
2. Good anti-clogging performance and uniform water flow;
3. Yield and quality of significant works;

Best Hanging Sprinkler Application

It is suitable for irrigation of agricultural facilities such as large fields and small-area solar greenhouses and greenhouses.
It is suitable for greenhouses, greenhouses for flowers, irrigated vegetables, and places where crops do not require much atomization of water droplets.

1-Hang Sprinkler application
2-Hang Sprinkler application
3-Hang Sprinkler application

Hanging Sprinkler Precautions

When the anti-drip device is installed in the inverted device, it can effectively prevent the dripping of the water in the pipeline from hurting the seedlings after the spray is stopped.







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