Have you ever heard about drip irrigation system? Indeed, the drip tape is a perfect choice for vegetable gardens, due to the drip irrigation system can achieve even watering. If you are doing related business, you might can research on the market concerning the vegetable gardens, flower gardens, economic crops, greenhouses, etc.

The PE drip tape for irrigation has slits or you can choose embedded emitters. The space between each slit or embedded emitter could be customized (10 cm, 20 cm, 30 cm, or 50 cm). The drip tape can help with water delivery to your vegetables.

The obvious advantages of using drip irrigation system are saving water, saving maintenance cost, save labor cost, increasing crop yield, easy installation. Thus, drip irrigation systems have become a popular choice.

We, Orientflex is one of the leading irrigation hoses and assemblies manufacturers and suppliers. We can provide PE drip tape and relevant assemblies to you. The PE drip tape has a big potential market. As a drip tape and assemblies supplier, there are some tips we want to advice you with concerned of installation and care.

If you feel it is difficult to install the connector and fittings into the drip tapes’ ends, a little cold water might help with it. Ground staples can help you to place the drip tape and make the water goes to the right place. Furthermore, if the leakage happens, the leakage section can be cut off, and drip tapes can be married together with a drip tape sleeve coupler.

If you need irrigation hoses, you can contact us, the length per roll can be customized as 500 meters, 1000 meters, and 2000 meters. If you need PE micro spray tape, we can also satisfy your needs. Welcome to send us your requirements to win the water saving irrigation markets.