The fogger, also named as mister, delivers tiny droplets at a low pressure of 2.5 bar, providing efficient cooling and humidifying .

4 outlet Fogger 4 outlet Fogger
4 way fogger 4 way fogger
Fogger 4 nozzles Fogger 4 nozzles

The fogger set is equipped with an anti-drain valve which shuts off when water pressure goes down, so the system allows high-frequency pulse irrigation and protect the delicate plants located below from water drip.

4 Way Fogger Spec

4 way fogger SPEC

4 Way Fogger Advantage

  • Save energy: Forms atomized water droplets at low water pressure for even spraying, efficient cooling and humidifying Longer
  • Lifespan: Produced by premium engineering plastic which has been special treated with anti-aging and antiultraviolet modification, longer service life;
  • High mold precision: Beautiful and durable products
  • Anti-Drip function to protect plants: The set is equipped with an anti-drip valve to prevent dripping water from damaging the seedlings and soil located below

Best Fogger Application

Precision irrigation over nursery bed plants, rooting tables, delicate flowers; Cooling and humidifying greenhouses, poultry and livestock; Anti-epidemic drug spraying.







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