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Micro Sprinklers Micro Sprinklers
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Standing Rotating Micro sprinklers and Frameless rotary sprinkler (hanged down type) are developed with premium engineering plastic which has been special treated with anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet modification. They have the excellent anti-clogging design, anti-drain function (hang-down type with the anti-drain valve) and easy for maintenance.

Spray Sprinkler Advantage

  • Insect-proof: Small insect or ant can not get in, avoid clogging;
    Wearing resistance and durable: Made of high-quality Polyamide and POM, combined with toughness, strength and excellent UV resistance;
  • Fast maintenance: Simple disassembly without tools, enables fast and simple cleaning – saving time and labor.
  • High crop uniformity: No blind zone due to frameless style, Achieve perfectly uniform distribution of water and nutrients, that results in uniform crops;
  • Anti-Drip function to protect plants: The set is equipped with an anti-drip valve to prevent dripping water from damaging the seedlings and soil located below

Best Micro Sprinkler Application

Irrigation in orchards, greenhouses and gardens; cooling of poultry and livestock







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