1. Effect on fruit tree growth

The integrated water and fertilizer technology can accelerate the absorption rate of the fruit tree root system, which is conducive to the vigorous growth of fruit trees under severe climate conditions and promotes the early maturity of fruit trees. Studies have shown that grape seedlings treated by integrated water and fertilizer growth are faster, and meet the requirements for controlling the vegetative growth of trees two months earlier than traditional fertilization and irrigation, and the grape seed rate will be significantly improved next year. The use of water and fertilizer integration can effectively control the use of water and fertilizer, thereby solving the contradiction of soil water and air, improving the utilization of water and fertilizer, and promoting the growth of fruit tree roots. Irrigation and fertilization through drip irrigation and fertilization system can significantly promote the growth and development of bananas, increase the dry weight of bananas, increase the number of secondary roots and root surface area, increase the length of banana fingers, and increase yield by 29.37%.

2. Impact on fruit quality
The growth of fruit trees on the ground is closely related to the growth of roots. The roots absorb various plant hormones needed for the above-ground part of the tree to grow. The nutritional level of the orchard directly affects the number of fruits and the size of the fruits. When the nutrient water and fertilizer of a tree are poor, it is easy to cause a contradiction between the two. Water and fertilizer integrated technology can effectively solve this modern orchard water and fertilizer integrated technology. Water and fertilizer integration technology can effectively resolve this contradiction, adjust the balance between proper vegetative growth and reproductive growth, and obtain better fruit quantity and fruit size. The value of gaining greater economic benefits. Research experiments show that the application of nitrogen fertilizer in banana plants can save 30% of the amount of use of water and fertilizer integration technology, significantly improve the quality of each banana fruit and increase the yield by 8%.

3. Impact on Orchard Economic Benefits
The integrated water and fertilizer irrigation technology can directly transfer water and fertilizer to the soil of the root zone of fruit trees, which greatly reduces the transportation distance of water and fertilizer in the soil, improves the utilization rate of water and fertilizer, and reduces cost input. According to reports, Beijing’s 130,000 hectares of fruits and vegetables use integrated water and fertilizer technology, which can save more than 22 million tons of water each year and save 5,500 tons of fertilizer. In banana orchards, combined irrigation with water and fertilizer can increase water use efficiency by more than 30% and fertilizer use efficiency by more than 20%. Compared with previous orchard management, intelligent water and fertilizer integration technology can directly reduce the intensity of fertilization and topdressing labor, shorten the time to reduce the impact of climatic conditions, and appropriately increase the number of topdressing, timely topdressing, and make nutrient supply more in line with crop growth needs Improve the economic benefits of fruit trees.