Content Of The Project:

The topography of the project location is hilly area, and the water source is a reservoir at the top of the hill. It is recommended that the power equipment be adopted for the low drop.

Implementation Plan:

1. The project has a total of 240 acres of citrus, the plant spacing is 4*5 meters, the field is more dispersed, and the number of land is generally too small. Therefore, the PE90 pipe is selected as the main pipe, the branch pipe is the PE40 pipe, and the dripping tube is PE16 tube with max. length of 50m., and the turbulator specification is 10L/H.

2. The main pipe uses a laying method of a shallow depth of 30 centimeters (because the temperature in the south is also higher in winter). The connection of the main pipe and branch pipe is a reducer Tee and reducer straight connection.

3. The branch pipe is laid along with the terrain. The dripping tube is directly connected with the branch pipe through offtake pipe. The turbulence device can be directly transferred with the dripping tube according to the distance between the plants.

4. The required tools are: rotary puncher, puncher 3, hacksaw, cotton cloth, lubricating oil, etc.

Design Considerations:

When designing, we must fully consider the situation of the local terrain & water source, try our best to select the most suitable design scheme for customers, and make them comfortable.