Project Name: Installation Of Drip Iirrigation Equipment For Vegetable Water-Fertilizer Integration Project

Product Name: PVC pipe, PE pipe, the first intelligent control system, drip irrigation tape, etc.

Project Overview:

The project’s main line isPVC pipe, need to start from the water source, each greenhouses have two outlets, the ends of the two outlets located in greenhouses, PVC pipe needs to be buried deep underground in order to extend the using time and does not affect the production activities of the ground.

The branch pipe adopts PE pipe, which is laid on the ground inside the greenhouse. The laying of drip irrigation pipeshould follow the planting direction of crops.

Project Features:

The built-in drip head has its own filter window, which has good anti-blocking performance.

2. Design of turbulent flow passage. The irrigation was even.

3. Strong integrity of dripper and pipeline.

4. The dripperspacing can be flexibly adjusted with wide application range.

5. The flat drip irrigation tapeis an integrated drip irrigation tape with a flat shaped dripper mounted on the inner wall of the tape.

6. The dripper is integrated with the tape, acheiving convenient installation and use, low cost and low investment.

7. Labyrinth duct is adopted, which has certain pressure compensation effect.