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Centrifugal Filter

It is mainly used for primary filtration of sandy water flow, and can separate sand and stones in water.

Centrifugal Filter Centrifugal Filter
green Centrifugal Filter green Centrifugal Filter
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1-Centrifugal Filter 1-Centrifugal Filter

This kind of filter is installed next to the well and pumping station, and is most suitable for separating a large amount of sand and stones contained in the water. Under the requirements of the filtering conditions, the sand separation effect: 60-150 mesh sand and stone 98-92℅. It is generally not used alone, but only as the front filter of the filter system.

The filter is based on the working principle of gravity and centrifugal force to remove solid particles heavier than water. Water enters the centrifugal body tangentially from the inlet pipe, and the rotation generates centrifugal force, which pushes the sand and other solid particles with higher density to move to the pipe wall, forming a swirling flow, prompting sand and stones to enter the sand collecting tank, and clear water flows in and out. The nozzle completes the separation of water and sand.

Metal/high-strength plastic housing, stainless steel filter screen, long service life

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Centrifugal Filter Application

The product is widely used in drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation when the water source contains a lot of sand. It can effectively filter out the sand and gravel in the water and prevent the dripper or nozzle from being blocked.

Centrifugal Filter application
1-Centrifugal Filter application
2-Centrifugal Filter application

Filter use and maintenance instructions

1. Check whether the pressure gauge is working properly
2. Clean the sand and gravel in the sand storage tank in time, and the filter should be cleaned regularly
3. When winter comes, drain the water in the filter in time to prevent rust
4. Regularly do anti-rust treatment on the surface of the filter







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