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The laminated filter consists of a certain number of circular laminated sheets that are overlapped and locked to form a cylindrical filter element.

Disc Filter Disc Filter
1-laminated filter 1-laminated filter
2-Disc Filter 2-Disc Filter
laminated filter laminated filter
1-Disc Filter 1-Disc Filter
laminated filter detail laminated filter detail

Abbreviation: DF
Materials: PP/POM
The two sides of each laminated sheet have a certain depth of inclined grooves. When the two laminated sheets are compressed, The staggered grooves form a filter unit, which blocks organic impurities in the water on one side of the filter element, and the filtered water flows out from the other side of the filter element. The laminated filter is simple and convenient to clean, has a large flow capacity, a good filtering effect, and is easy to control. The filtering accuracy is generally required to be 120 mesh.

Laminated Filter Specification


Advantages of laminated filter

1. Stable filtration effect;
2. Deep filtration, strong dirt blocking ability;
3. Simple operation and convenient maintenance;
4. The system has low operating cost, reliable performance and long life.

Operation instructions for laminated filter

1. Before using the laminated filter, check whether the laminated filter is intact and undamaged
2. When installing the laminated filter, pay attention to the direction of water flow (mark the direction of the arrow)
3. The laminated filter needs to be wrapped with raw material tape during installation to prevent water leakage
4. The pressure of the water pump should not be too high during the water test of the laminated filter to prevent damage to the filter
5. Laminated filter should frequently clean the dirt and impurities in the filter laminate
6. Due to a large number of laminated filter sheets stacked together, while ensuring its filtering effect, it will inevitably cause serious water blocking and large water loss. Therefore, in the process of use ,requires attention.
7. The laminated filter has a backwashing function, which can automatically clean some of the impurities attached to the filter stack, but it cannot be removed completely. Therefore, it is best to open the filter regularly and manually clean it to remove the impurities that are difficult to clean on the stack. Clean up. When filtering, the filter laminations in the laminated filter are compressed by spring and fluid pressure. The greater the pressure difference, the stronger the pressing force. Ensure self-locking and high-efficiency filtration. The liquid flows from the outer edge of the laminated sheet through the groove to the inner edge of the laminated sheet, and passes through 18 to 32 filtration points, thereby forming a unique deep filtration. After the filtration, the laminated sheets are loosened manually or hydraulically for manual cleaning or automatic backwashing.







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