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screen filter screen filter

1. When a certain amount of dirt accumulates on the filter, the pressure drop between the inlet and outlet of the filter will increase sharply. When the pressure drop exceeds 0.07MPa, it needs to be flushed in time;
2. The direction of water inlet and outlet must be selected according to the filter direction of the filter element, and must not be used in reverse;
3. If the filter element and sealing ring are found to be damaged, they must be replaced in time, otherwise the water filtration effect will be lost;
4. Drain the water when not in use in winter to prevent freezing damage;
5. The mesh filter can be used alone or in combination with other filters.

Screen Filter Specification


Features Of Mesh Filter

1) The filter accuracy of the mesh filter is 100 microns by default, and can be selected from 100 to 3000 microns. The filter area is large and the dirt holding capacity is high. The user can customize it according to the actual working conditions.

2) The cleaning method of the mesh filter is simple, and the cleaning cycle is electronically monitored, which can realize automatic cleaning and sewage discharge. All parameters in the automatic screen filter control system can be adjusted.

3) The mesh filter has the characteristics of uninterrupted water supply during cleaning and sewage discharge, no bypass is required, and the cleaning time is short, the sewage consumption is small, and it does not exceed 1% of the total flow.

4) The mesh filter is highly maintainable and easy to install and disassemble.

5) The exclusive filter element design and manufacturing technology of the mesh filter, the high-precision filter element will never wear;

6) Reliable intelligent control of the mesh filter, automatic operation of filtration, cleaning, and sewage discharge, realizing unattended and uninterrupted water supply;

7) The leading product structure and function design of the mesh filter, compact structure, large filtering area, high dirt holding capacity, small pipeline pressure loss, and low power consumption;

8) Optimized control mode design of mesh filter, short backwashing time, low sewage and water consumption, saving water resources;

9) The mesh filter product line covers various flow rates and accuracy ranges, and has a variety of structural forms to adapt to users’ complex working conditions;

10) The parameters of the mesh filter can be adjusted according to the actual working conditions. It is easy to operate, maintenance-free, and has a long life.







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