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Pressure compensating emitter Pressure compensating emitter
pressure compensating drip emitters pressure compensating drip emitters

Abbreviation : CND
Materials: POM
The turbulator adopts a turbulent device, and the length of laying on flat ground is more than 100 meters. The outflow is stable and the uniformity reaches 90%. Strong anti-blocking ability. It can be buried deep underground without affecting ground work. According to crop needs, it can be installed according to actual conditions.

Pressure Compersation Dripper Spec

Pressure Compersation Online Dripper Features

1. With the help of water flow pressure, the elastic silicone sheet can change the section of the water outlet, adjust the flow rate, and stabilize the water outlet.
2. The distance between the emitters can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the plant spacing.
3. High irrigation uniformity.
4. With automatic cleaning function.
5. Strong pressure compensation, especially suitable for undulating terrain, unbalanced system pressure and long capillary.
6. Anti-corrosion and ultraviolet rays of agricultural chemicals and fertilizers, long service lifeEspecially

Suitable for the following situations

1. The system pressure is unstable.
2. Need to increase the capillary length.
3. The terrain is complex.
4. The plot is irregular.
5. Crop cultivation is not standardized.

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pressure compensating drip emitters







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