Micro-spray tape is a micro-spray irrigation product that uses lasers to directly punch holes on a strip-shaped plastic hose for irrigation. Yunnan micro-spray belt is widely used, mainly for field crops, greenhouse vegetables, flower nurseries, etc.

Micro spray tape advantages

  1. Gentle water spray, similar to drizzle irrigation of crops, evenly and moderately, does not harm the crops, does not accumulate water, and maintains good soil properties.
  2. Simple structure, low investment, efficient and practical.
  3. Strong anti-clogging, easy to remove, no need to filter clean water.
  4. Low operating pressure and low energy consumption, reducing investment in water supply equipment.
  5. Abrasion resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, light weight, strong flexibility, simple installation and use, can be coiled during irrigation operation, convenient to store and store.
  6. Improve the field microclimate and reduce crop pests and diseases caused by dryness and high temperature.

Insufficient micro-spray belt

  1. The water spray from Yunnan micro-spray belt is dispersed, the spray is not far, and the range is small.
  2. It is easy to be affected by the terrain, and it is difficult to spray at the ideal angle.
  3. Excessive use pressure may cause cracking.
  4. Improper stretching and zigzag pipe belts may cause shortened service life and damage
  5. Low pressure resistance of plastic hose
  6. The wall of the micro-spray belt is thin, and it is easy to be scratched by sharp ground objects.