Benefits of water-saving irrigation:

1. Water saving
At present, most flower enterprises also use artificial water pipe watering, this way not only uneven watering and there is a large amount of waste of water problems. If the plug-in, drip irrigation, small pipe flow mode, can improve the uniformity of watering, than artificial watering save 50% to 70%.

2. Saving workers
Save up to 90% of the labor savings. Nowadays labor costs are rising, and it is not easy to hire workers. If water-saving irrigation is used, labor can be saved to the maximum extent and the efficiency of labor use can be improved. If combined with automatic controllers or programmable controllers, inverters, you can significantly reduce human input.

3. Can change the planting structure
Roof greening, three-dimensional flower beds in practice more and more applications, the use of micro-irrigation and drip irrigation technology to promote three-dimensional greening, the results are remarkable.

4. Integrated construction of water fertilizer
Water fertilizer coupling is a hot spot of irrigation at present, in the irrigation at the same time, according to the needs of different flowers, fertilization, drug synchronization.

5. Improving the small environment
For flowers that are resistant to high humidity, drip irrigation can be used, for flowers like high humidity to use micro-spray, irrigation can also play a cooling role, from improving the plant local small environment.

Problems and solutions to water-saving irrigation techniques:

1. Inadequate understanding of irrigation products
Water-saving irrigation will have some input in the early stage, the latter need to maintain, which has set up a barrier to flower enterprises. For example, the runner of the drip perusing is very fine, the water quality requirements are very high, in the construction needs to be combined with the use of filtration system. In fact, as long as the proper design, the input of the filtration system will not be very high, maintenance can extend the service life of the filtration system in a timely manner, can completely make up for the non-water-saving irrigation method of labor, water input. The cost is not very high, but the later benefit is very large.

2. The development of irrigation systems and water management do not well combine the characteristics of growing crops.
Flower enterprises should be in accordance with the requirements of different plants for long-term water needs for fertilizer to develop irrigation system, the pursuit of water conservation is not scientific. Flower varieties using drop arrow micro-irrigation equipment in potted flowers are mainly products with higher commodity value and longer production cycle. If the use of water-saving irrigation, the saving of workers at the same time can improve the quality of flowers and neatness, increase economic benefits.