1. The effective utilization rate of water is high under the condition of flat emitter drip tape, the irrigated water moist part of the soil surface can effectively reduce the ineffective evaporation of soil moisture. At the same time, as drip irrigation only moist the soil near the root of the crop, other areas of the soil moisture content is low, therefore, can prevent the growth of weeds. Third, drip irrigation system does not produce ground runoff, and easy to master the precise waterboarding depth, very water saving.
  2. After the ambient humidity is low drip irrigation, the soil root system is in good condition, through the injection of fertilizer in the water, can provide enough water and nutrients, so that the soil moisture in the stable and low suction state can meet the requirements of the crop, irrigation area surface evaporation is also small, so that can effectively control the humidity in the protection site, The frequency of pests and diseases of crops in protected land is greatly reduced, and the amount of pesticide application is also reduced.
  3. Improve the quality of crop products because drip irrigation can provide timely and appropriate water supply, fertilizer, it can improve crop yield at the same time, improve and improve the quality of agricultural products, so that the protected land commodity rate greatly improved, high economic efficiency.
  4. The adaptability of drip irrigation to topography and soil is strong because the drip head can work within the larger working pressure range and the drip flow is uniform, so flat emitter drip tape is suitable for the terrain with undulating plots and different kinds of soil. At the same time, drip irrigation can also reduce ploughing weeding, and will not cause ground soil compaction.