Micro-spray tape equipment is now often used in agricultural cultivation of an irrigation method, not only easy to manage, but also the flow can be adjusted, then it has what advantages?

A commonly used porous micro spray tape is a 40mm diameter black thin-walled plastic hose that can be folded into a flat tube. Thin-wallspray wall thickness is generally 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm, there are 5 rows of vertical holes, the top row, the left and right of each row, vertical hole spacing 100-300mm, horizontal hole spacing for 10mm, aperture of 1mm, laying length of up to 100m. The porous spray belt works under low working pressure, generally 3-18m, the spray water impact on the crop is small, to avoid the damage to the crop, while spraying water along the pipe laying direction sprayed into a drizzle, to ensure the uniform distribution of irrigation water, thus also improving the field water.

Benefits of micro-spray tape:

1. It makes the water down, the irrigation area is large, can reduce the cost of supporting equipment.

2. Installation is simple and convenient: the use of long, light weight, supporting the use of special straight through, its bypass and other fittings, installation and removal is simple and convenient, can save a lot of labor.

3. At the same time can be fertilized: spray irrigation, the use of supporting liquid fertilizer adder, at the same time can be fertilized.

4. The low investment cost of micro-spray belt is low, the irrigation effect is good, and the application of irrigation is the inevitable trend of modern agricultural development.