Drip irrigation vs micro sprinklers

1. Drip Irrigation technology: refers to a certain low-pressure irrigation water, through the low-pressure transmission and distribution of water pipelines, to the installation of the last pipe and installed on the drop head, with a small flow of a drop evenly and accurately drip into the soil surface near the root area of the crop or crop roots in the soil layer irrigation method, irrigation technology. Drip irrigation technique belongs to local irrigation method.
2. Micro-sprinkler technology: The use of small sprinkler, with the aid of the transmission and distribution of water piping to the last stage of the facility and the micro-nozzle installed on it, the pressure of water evenly and accurately sprayed on the foliage of each plant or plant roots around the soil surface irrigation method, irrigation technology. Micro-irrigation technology can be local irrigation, but also can be fully irrigated.