1. Compared with sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation, the small pipe discharge system has less blockage problem and simple water purification treatment. The net filter only needs to be installed 60-80 eyes/inch, advantaged in less rinsing times and simple management.

2. We can realize integration of irrigation and fertilization at the same time.Combing of water and fertilize achieves efficient water-saving and fertilizer saving, water and fertilizer can be directly introduced into the root soil layer of plants through the water distribution pipe network, so as to avoid surface evaporation and improve the utilization rate of fertilizer and water.

3. It’s more water-saving. It savesmore than 60% water than surface irrigation (diffuse/border irrigation, etc.

4. Large water discharge, high irrigation efficiency, small labor intensity, a single labor hour can irrigate about 200 trees (depending on the flow of turbulence).

5. The management is convenient and the operation cost is low. As the pipe network is completely buried in the ground, the small pipe is also buried in the ground. Only the outlet water of 10-15cm is exposed, which does not affect the normal operation of the ground. Arrange a goodprotection over the winter, all equipment will not be damaged by natural forces and people, maintenance costs are The working head of small pipe outlet irrigation is low, energy consumption is low, and operating cost is low.

6. Small pipe discharge has wide application scope: it can be irrigated and planted in hilly, barren slope and other soil layers and various perennial plants.

7. Small investment, simple construction, tube materialis sun-proof, the pipe service life is up to several years or more (depending on the use).