Many farmers usually choose to use drip irrigation belt as the main equipment for farmland irrigation, but in the purchase will often find that the price of the equipment on the market is uneven, which causes many users to cause distress, do not know how to buy a reasonable price of the drip equipment. The following gives the user the specific reasons for the difference in the price of drip irrigation belt:

Brand: The higher the general visibility of the manufacturer, its larger scale, the technical level is also relatively high, of course, the production of drip irrigation belt price is also higher, the corresponding, not very well-known manufacturers to produce product prices are relatively low.

Wall Thickness: The general quality of the product wall thickness is relatively thick, not easy to appear broken, its price is also relatively high.

Drop head spacing: Drop head spacing is an important reason that affects equipment price, the larger the drip head spacing, its relatively high price.

Overall, the price of drip irrigation belt is mainly affected by the brand, wall thickness and drip head spacing 3 factors, users in the purchase, can be compared from these 3 aspects, so as to buy the right products for their own.