1. Drip irrigation equipment filtration equipment supporting: according to the water quality requirements of the irrigation machine and the local water situation solemnly configure the filter assembly, and regular cleaning and maintenance website construction company, to ensure the long-term operation of equipment, extend the service life of equipment.

2. Water demand and dike density: All kinds of drip irrigation equipment have different coverage area and irrigation intensity, the choice of equipment must take into account the crop’s water demand and strain, line distance relationship.

3. Reasonable determination of the drip irrigation equipment budget: the planting of crops and the density of the laying are clearly understood, after the detailed watering design plan is listed, and then the material budget is carried out. Otherwise, the unified kind of equipment, used for the same watering area, but the crop of the plant is different, the strain, the line distance is different, the amount of material per acre will be rare and the difference.

4. Drip irrigation equipments selection of ancillary products: should be as far as possible to choose a full range of supporting products and suppliers, otherwise will bring a lot of difficulties to equipment installation and maintenance.