1. Physical and chemical properties of water quality.
Water source can be sampled and analyzed, water quality testing, to obtain impurity size diameter, physical characteristics, concentration and other indicators, the data obtained is used to select irrigation filter bias filtration of the physical and chemical type, and cleaning filter when the impurity cleaning method, that is, irrigation filter maintenance mode.

2, The selected drip head nozzle and other irrigation device flow diameter.
Drip head nozzle and other irrigation device is the most affected by the filtration equipment, wherein the diameter of the runner determines the irrigation filter after the filter of the minimum impurity diameter requirements, the filter after all refused to completely filter out impurities, only need to filter the diameter of impurities must be much smaller than the diameter of the runner. Of course, it is also necessary to take into account the accumulation and growth of impurities.

3, The peak flow of irrigation system.
It is certainly important to have a good filtration effect, but as an irrigation equipment, the drip head nozzle should constantly irrigate the crop, so the irrigation filter also has to consider the filter speed filter amount, to prevent the filter part greatly reduce the flow rate traffic caused by the outage, which is not worth it.

4, Cost control.
Irrigation filters are not once purchased and can be done once and for all. Irrigation filters in daily filtration, it is inevitable to accumulate impurities in the filter, which requires manual cleaning, so the cost of cleaning or even replacement should also be considered.