Some customers said that the PE micro rain spray pipe used for a long time will appear leakage phenomenon, asked us how to solve the problem. Encounter this kind of problem, of course, it should be repaired in time. Then I will introduce repair method of micro rain spray pipe.

1. When the damaged parts of the outer wall of the rain pipe show broken pipe wall or holes within 0.1m long, we suggest that you remove the broken pipe wall or holes completely with a scraper, clean up the broken parts within 0.05m with cyclone, and brush the plastic adhesive with good water resistance;

2. If there is a problem with the outer wall, remove the rib within 0.05m around the damaged part and scrape it flat without rib trace. The same method mentioned above can be used to remedy the problem.

3. Take the curved plate with 2 times the damaged area from the corresponding part of the same pipe, coat the inner wall with adhesive and fasten it on the damaged part, and wrap it with lead wire;

4. With geotextile wrapped fixed, solidified after 24 hours can be returned to the soil.

5. When local or small cracks or holes occur in the outer wall within 0.02m, the water in the tube can be drained first, the damaged parts can be cleaned up with cotton yarn, and then the base surface is brushed with cyclohexanone, and the plastic adhesive with good water resistance is brushed.

The above five points are about the repair methods that can be taken for the leakage of PE micro rain spray pipe. I hope you can get help from this article.