Installing Micro-spray tape method

  1. According to the line pitch with the pipe belt accessories, measure the pipe belt and the supervisor.
  2. Installation. The supervisor with one end of the leather tube (the leather tube connects the pressure water source and water pump), the other end of the fitting, the accessory behind the connection of the irrigation belt, seal the tail.
  3. If there are small dropholes and impurities blocked, can untie the tail of the irrigation belt, rinse with water for about a minute.
  4. Fertilization is inhaled by water pump or carried by the supervisor with three general pressures (e.g. fertilizer, sprayer) and injected 2 meters before the crop.
  5. Micro-spray irrigation tapecovered with black film or other mulch, is conducive to maintaining the temperature of the root of the crop, reducing water volatilization and weed growth, but also has the effect of reducing small pests and diseases, preventing ground panel bearing, improve fruit quality and color.
  6. Tail sealing technique: One method is to triangulatthe the tail, and the other is to cut off the Farm Hyatt irrigation belt about 1-2 cm wide or the farm Hyatt supervisor belt. Then the tail roll of the irrigation belt three times wide about an inch, and then cut off the spray irrigation belt on the sleeve, that is, to play the blocking effect.

Precautions for the use of micro-spray tapes

  1. The use pressure shall not exceed the blasting pressure.
  2. Machinery or damage is strictly prohibited in transportation or laying.
  3. Fertilizer melts three days in advance to ensure that no particulate matter is made.
  4. The crop planting ground is as flat as possible to avoid excessive height differences.
  5. The supervisor should not be directly connected to the high-pressure water pump, the middle with a thick leather tube transition.
  6. When changing, the farmer’s spray irrigation belt or the farmhouse supervisor belt is properly stored in a cool place after removal, which can extend the life span.
  7. The micro-spray tape is tiled on the ground, the outlet is facing up, and the length of the paving is N45 type 60 meters.
  8. When the water quality is poor, it is advisable to wrap or use a filter with a 30-50 purpose screen to prevent the sand, soil and other debris entering the irrigation belt.