There are many types of garden trees, so the irrigation methods are different. Many tree species not only have beautiful appearance and meet the aesthetic requirements of urban greening, but also have practical functions such as greening protection, soil and water conservation, wind protection and sand fixation. A reasonable garden tree irrigation method can maintain a good soil structure, save water consumption, reduce garden tree irrigation costs, and allow trees to grow well.

Sprinkler irrigation technology is currently widely used in garden tree irrigation. The advantage is that the irrigation water is first sprayed on the tree body in the form of atomization, and then gradually infiltrates to the surface through the branches and leaves of the tree, avoiding direct impact and erosion on the soil, which not only saves water consumption, but also reduces the soil structure The destruction of the original soil can maintain the looseness of the original soil. Moreover, sprinkler irrigation can quickly increase the air humidity around the trees, control the sharp changes in local environmental temperature, and create good conditions for the growth of trees. In addition, sprinkler irrigation does not require land flatness. High, can save labor and improve work efficiency.

Manual irrigation is labor-intensive and the efficiency of water utilization is low. However, this method of irrigation is usually used in the case of inconvenient transportation, remote water sources, and poor facility conditions. Manual irrigation is a partial irrigation method. It is best to loosen the soil in the tree weir before irrigation to make the water easy to penetrate, and rake the topsoil after irrigation to reduce water evaporation.

Surface irrigation can be divided into two forms: flood irrigation and drip irrigation. The effect of drip irrigation is similar to mechanical sprinkler irrigation, but it saves more water than sprinkler irrigation. However, drip irrigation has a poor regulation effect on the microclimate, and consumes a lot of pipe materials. It has strict requirements on water use, and it is easy to block pipes and drippers.

The underground irrigation for garden tree irrigation has the advantages of small surface evaporation, saving irrigation water, and no damage to the soil structure. The underground pipeline system can also be used for drainage in the rainy season.