Our company is mainly engaged in the sales of micro-sprayed tape products. It has many years of sales experience and one body. It has rich market information and accurate positioning. The following introduces the irrigation method of micro-spray belt:

Micro-spray tape, also known as porous pipe, water spray belt, sprinkler irrigation belt, micro-irrigation belt, micro-irrigation belt, its larger features are strong anti-clogging performance, low water requirements, filtering equipment can be used when using groundwater sources; low operating water pressure , Larger flow and shorter irrigation time. In addition, the sprinkler irrigation belt uses less material and is more convenient to install, store, and transport. It is one of the lower prices in various irrigation systems. The disadvantage is that the plastic thin-walled hose material has low strength, easy damage and aging. The service life of the general type is 1 to 2 years, and the reinforced wing type is 5 to 7 years. Investment is less of a water-saving irrigation method. The mulching film can play a role in increasing temperature and maintaining moisture. The temperature is low, the climate is monotonous, and the amount of evaporation is large. Open field corn often has a late emergence and growth retardation due to insufficient soil moisture.

After mulching, the soil moisture evaporation can be reduced, and the ground temperature in the micro-spray zone can be increased, which can promote the development of corn seedlings. Plastic mulch is planted more than in the open field, and the plant height usually increases by more than 20 cm. Tasseling is about 15 days earlier than in the open field. Reasonable cultivating can effectively suppress the evaporation of the ground and keep water in the tillage layer. Usually 2-3 times of field cultivating, starting in the seedling stage, the second time in the jointing stage, and the third time in the big trumpet stage. After cultivating, the soil moisture content can be increased by 10% -15%, and the drought resistance can be strengthened. Improved irrigation methods In order to ensure water conservation, water conservation and water use for corn, micro-spraying belts are used for irrigation methods, including spray irrigation, impervious irrigation, small hoe irrigation, partition furrow irrigation, and timely and appropriate irrigation. Sprinkler irrigation is an advanced irrigation technique with the advantages of saving water, labor, and land. Impervious irrigation. Including anti-seepage canal water conveyance irrigation and pipeline water conveyance irrigation, the main situation of water-saving irrigation. In addition, it has the advantages of less construction investment, convenient material collection, and low management costs.