Drip irrigation tape drip irrigation pipe and other equipment is mostly controlled by PE. The service life of PE tube is determined by many factors, such as raw materials, production processes, methods of use, environment, etc.

PE raw materials can basically reach anti-aging 50 years, but due to different customer demand, so the use of national standard PE material to do PE pipe is not a lot, so, the material sometimes a little less indicators, then the anti-aging has an impact.

Production process, some manufacturers in order to seek high profits in the production of cutting materials, such as wall thickness difference beyond the range, such as mechanical equipment and unstable, resulting in more impurities inside the pipe, so that the polyethylene pipe itself pressure capacity.

The construction of PE tube on the damage or friction of the pipe itself will also affect, the damage of the pipe itself, will reduce the service life of the PE tube.

Although the polyethylene pipe can be used for anti-corrosion, it will have a great impact on the service life if it encounters a particularly harsh environment, such as strong acid and alkali, high temperature (greater than 60°), or long-term freezing, etc., the life of the pipe in the national standard is 50 years. It means that at a temperature of 23°, the change in temperature is a reduction in the life of the PE pipe.