1. Calculate the pressure of the drip irrigation system
    The water pressure in the pipe affects the operation of the whole fruit tree drip irrigation system, so the water pressure must be adjusted to a reasonable range, the pressure is too high in addition to possibly causing the hose rupture, but also will cause uneven water. Too low pressure may directly lead to the drip head without water, but also affect irrigation uniformity, it is recommended to install water pressure meter in the fruit tree drip irrigation equipment for monitoring and control.
  2. Adjust the amount of irrigation water according to the condition of the fruit trees
    The irrigation water of fruit tree drip irrigation equipment is based on the current growth cycle of fruit trees, because fruit trees need different water in different stages of growth, and also refer to the weather conditions. Each acre of land can be used for 10 cubic meters of irrigation water, each irrigation 2-3 hours. Fruit trees drip irrigation is appropriately reduced during flowering, fruit tree growth period and young fruit inflation period should be increased, drought period should also increase. Fruit ripening to stop irrigation, too much moisture will affect the taste quality of the fruit, serious and even cracked fruit. The first choice for the grasp of irrigation water by fruit tree drip irrigation equipment is to monitor the flow meter.

fruit trees drip irrigation

  1. Proper fertilization to prevent clogging
    Fruit trees drip irrigation equipment in the use of can not avoid fertilization, and now fruit trees drip irrigation equipment generally has fertilization equipment, fertilizer, pesticides can be transported to fruit trees through irrigation pipes. Common fertilization tools such as Venturi-style fertilizer. Simple and easy to use, but also pay attention to a few places. First of all through the fruit trees drip irrigation equipment fertilizer must be water soluble, refers to fertilizer can be dissolved in water, do not produce precipitation, should query the fertilizer composition brand, query the manufacturer whether the fertilizer is soluble in water, if fertilizer can not be dissolved in water, fertilizer will not be applied to the filtration system, easy to block the drip head, affect the fertilizer effect. Second, fruit tree drip irrigation equipment fertilization to control the concentration, fertilizer completely dissolved through the fertilizer pressure into the branch pipe, pressure into the speed and water flow speed to control properly, to ensure adequate fertilizer efficiency but not more, to prevent seedling burning.