The normal operation of drip irrigation system in agriculture is not only related to the quality of products and construction. There is also a more important point is the rational use and maintenance of irrigation systems.

Points needing attention when using drip irrigation system:

① Check the filter regularly, and wash the sand after each irrigation. If the filter is damaged, replace the new filter in time. Do not continue to use the drip irrigation system when the filter is damaged.

② When the drip irrigation system is used, the valve on the expenditure pipe should be played first so that the emitter can water; On this basis, the valve of the upper stage pipeline is opened step by step to ensure the safety of each part of the irrigation system.

③ The working pressure of drip irrigation system is 0.05-0.10MPa (i.e. 5-10 meters of water head). The pressure should not be over pressure or too low, otherwise the quality of irrigation will be affected. Irrigation should be carried out according to the plan of rotation irrigation area. When switching between front and rear rotation irrigation area, the valve switch should first open the next round of irrigation area and then close the next round of irrigation area.

④ The use of fertilizer applicator. Fertilizer tank is generally used for fertilization in large fields, while Venturi fertilizer (valve) can be used for fertilization in small areas.

Fertilizer pot (pot) fertilizer should be used to choose soluble, instant fertilizer, or a day in advance to dissolve solid fertilizer use. Crop fertilization, the diluted fertilizer into the fertilizer tank, then close the tank lid, and then adjust the fertilization special valve, the valve before and after the water in the pipeline to produce a certain pressure difference, open the fertilization valve next to the two regulating valves, so that the fertilizer into the water pipeline, with the water to the root of the crop.

⑤ After irrigation, when the drip irrigation system is shut down, the water pump and other power systems should be shut down first, and then the valves at all levels should be closed step by step from top to bottom. When opening and closing the valve, it should be rotated slowly to prevent the water hammer phenomenon in the pipeline and damage the pipeline.

⑥ After the installation is completed, the first use of drip irrigation system should be made spending pipe and dropper belt (pipe) end plug rinse for 1-3 minutes. The drip irrigation system should also be cleaned in this way once every 5 times.

⑦ In the non-irrigation season, the water in the water distribution pipe network should be emptied in time to prevent the cold temperature from freezing the pipe in winter, which affects the normal use.