Drip irrigation tape is the water drops a drop, uniform and slowly into the soil near the plant root system irrigation method, the drip flow is small, the water drops slowly into the soil, can be the maximum limit to reduce evaporation loss, assuming that coupled with the cover of the film, can further reduce evaporation, drip irrigation conditions in addition to the soil moisture below the drip head is saturated, The soil moisture in other parts is in an unsaturated state, and soil moisture is first and foremost permeable and dispersed by the action of the tension of the hair pipe.

After the drip irrigation tape is installed, there are also things to be aware of during use to avoid errors in use that can cause the drip irrigation system to crash:
1, The use of drip head is not suitable: drop head divided into two forms, pressure compensation and non-pressure compensation, pressure compensation can make each drop head out of water uniform, pressure compensation type drophead flow is very large, there will be no blockage.
2, Lack of filtration equipment: some people think that water is not filtered, but in fact the water contains some sand particles, long use will cause clogging, so according to the quality of the water to choose the appropriate filtration equipment.
3, Unreasonable drip irrigation system: drip irrigation and irrigation is different, in the drip pipe process, can not intuitively see irrigation situation, if the drip irrigation time is too long, will cause loss, drip irrigation time is too short, plant needs water can not be fully provided. So adjust the time and cycle of drip irrigation according to different plants.