The micro spray tape is a porous water spray belt produced by laser or mechanical drilling. The spray width of the micro-spray tape changes with the working pressure.

The micro-spray tape has the advantages of soft water spray, proper amount, uniformity, low water pressure, low cost, simple and convenient laying, moving, winding and storage. It is mainly used in farmland, orchard, vegetable plots, forest and grass flowers, and facility cultivation and agricultural irrigation.

In the process of using the micro-spray belt, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  1. Before laying the micro-spray tape, the pests in the soil should be removed with drugs to prevent damage to the crops and bite the micro-spray tape.
  2. When laying, the micro-spray hole should be facing up and the tail should be blocked. Then use a water pump to squeeze the water. The water inlet is wrapped with gauze (filter) to prevent the hole from becoming clogged. In case of blockage, untie the tail and rinse it with water for one minute. Use hand and other tools to gently tap the wall.
  3. When using for the first time, according to your pump pressure, the working distance of the micro-spray belt, first open the switch, it is better to open several switches to prevent the micro-spray blasting caused by excessive pressure. If the pressure is not enough, turn off a few switches. The next time you use the switch, you will know. If the piece is tested after the water is changed, turn on the switch first, then turn off all the switches that have been tested to prevent blasting caused by improper use.
  4. When changing the raft, first squeeze the micro spray belt with water pump, wash it, roll it up, put it in a cool place, and prevent the mouse and other things from biting, so that it can be used again next time.