Drip irrigation tape are used in the irrigation of fruit trees, vegetables, cash crops and greenhouse sheds. In order to improve irrigation efficiency and avoid waste of water resources, it is necessary to master the correct irrigation operation methods, and the following points need to be noted in the irrigation process:

  1. The pressure of use shall not exceed the blasting pressure.
  2. Damage drip irrigation tape is strictly prohibited in transportation and laying.
  3. Fertilizer should be melted in advance to ensure that there are no granular substances.
  4. Crop planting ground as far as possible to maintain a flat, to avoid excessive drop.
  5. The supervisor should not be directly attached to the high pressure pump.
  6. Drip irrigation tape should be tiled on the ground, outlet facing up.

Because the drip head of drip irrigation tape is easy to scale and clog, therefore, if the water quality is poor, we should carry out strict filtration treatment of water source, and install filters to prevent access to sand, soil and other debris.