Micro-spraying tape, also known as multi-hole pipe and micro-sprinkling irrigation pipe, is a water-saving irrigation equipment that uses laser to indirectly process water small holes on collapsible plastic hose to stop drip irrigation or micro-spray irrigation.

Laying the sprinklers of 3 water outlets, 5 water outlets or more in each group indirectly at high altitude, the water flow directly hitting the ground can form a micro-spray irrigation result similar to drizzle. The sprinkler belt of each set of single water outlets or double water outlets is laid under the plastic film, and the water flow can form drip irrigation results under the cover of the plastic film. Rarely used continuous fittings for micro-spray belts include micro-spray belt bypass, micro-spray belt straight-through, micro-spray belt four-way, micro-spray belt three-way and other pipe fittings.

The micro-spraying tape is a micro-sprinkling irrigation product that uses laser indirect punching on the ribbon-shaped plastic hose to stop irrigation. Micro-spray belts are widely used in field crops, greenhouse vegetables, flower nurseries and other environments.

The advantages of the micro-spray tape are introduced

  1. Soft water spray, similar to drizzle-irrigated crops, average and appropriate, without damaging crops, without water accumulation, and giving up good soil properties.
  2. The structure is simple, the investment is expensive and cheap, and it is efficient and applicable.
  3. Strong anti-infarction, easy to remove blockage, and clean water without filtering.
  4. Low operating pressure (minimum working pressure can be 3-5 meters water pressure), less energy consumption, reducing investment in water supply equipment.
  5. Abrasion resistance, impact resistance, erosion resistance, light weight, strong flexibility, simple device application, can be coiled when not in use, easy to transport and store.
  6. Reduce the diseases and insect pests caused by dry crops and low temperature.