What are the reasons that cause the drip irrigation belt to be blocked?

  1. Sediment clogging: The introduction of drip irrigation belt manufacturers is mainly caused by chemical fertilizers and water quality precipitation. The first is that some fertilizers left in the drip irrigation tube after drip irrigation fertilization will precipitate, such as calcium sulfate, etc., which will block the dripper channel. Second, if the drip irrigation water is hard water and the carbonate content is high, long-term use will generate more scale on the inner wall of the drip irrigation and block the dripper.
  2. Biological blockage: The roots of crops invade drip irrigation water holes, or the blockage caused by the growth of algae and other microorganisms in irrigation water. The water and unbalanced irrigation of the crop root system will cause the root system to grow into the water holes of drip irrigation, and extend into the water holes to cause blockage. If the algae and other biological contents are abundant in the irrigation water, the drip irrigation system is often combined with fertilization and irrigation, and the light-shielding facilities such as fertilizer ponds are not in place. It is easy to cause a large number of microorganisms to multiply and block the inner wall of the drip irrigation.
  3. Physical blockage: This is the main cause of drip irrigation blockage. The quality of irrigation water is poor, the filtering system is incomplete, and debris such as sediment is pumped into the pipe and drip irrigation pipe by the pump. When the drip belt manufacturer passes the inlaid dripper serrated flow channel, there will be debris blocking the flow channel and Prevent the dripper from discharging water.