Micro-spray tape is a new type of micro-irrigation equipment, the principle of the work is to use water pressure through the water pipe and micro-spray pipe tape to the field, through the micro-spray tape water hole, under the role of gravity and air resistance, the formation of a drizzle-like spraying effect. Micro-spray tape (commonly used mainly has a fold diameter of 35 mm, folding diameter 45 mm, folding diameter 50 mm and fold ingrestoration 65 mm, etc.) through the duck mouth bypass valve or soft band four-way valve with the ground laid PE soft tape connection. Spray tape is generally laid along the planting direction of the crop, laying spacing according to the spray tape spray and crop planting situation to determine.

Because the spout is fitted with valves, irrigation can be controlled according to the number of open valves. The reasonable arrangement of micro-spray tape system needs to be based on the past work experience of skilled staff, combined with the actual terrain, planting crops, the model selected for the spray tape comprehensive consideration. In the commonly used several micro-spray tape, according to the pipe diameter to determine the length of laying, such as the diameter of 65 mm spray belt laying length should not exceed 70 meters, to 50-70 meters is appropriate.

Micro-spray tape is commonly used in vegetables, mushrooms, nurseries, orchards, flowers, greenhouse cultivation crops and so on. Micro-spray irrigation, as a popular irrigation method in modern agricultural irrigation, not only has a good irrigation effect, but also can be circled in terms of water conservation.

Micro-spray tape should be used to open a few more spray tape, such as found that the work pressure is insufficient, root by root to close the spray belt, until the feeling that the spray out of the water is appropriate. Later irrigation, irrigation can be carried out according to the current number of open spraying belts. In order to ensure the normal operation of the irrigation system, it is recommended that after 3-5 times, the pipe is routinely flushed and maintained.