Do you know different kinds of plants are suitable for different irrigation methods? For vegetables, drip irrigation should be used. For flowers, seedlings, soilless plants, and ornamental plants, micro spray irrigation is usually used. Vegetables in facilities are generally not suitable for micro-sprinkler irrigation technology.

Drip irrigation technology is point to a certain low pressure of irrigation water, through the low pressure, water distribution pipeline, to the facilities inside the bottom piping and installation on its head, with smaller flow trickle uniformly and accurately drip into the crop root zone near the soil surface or crop irrigation methods, irrigation technology of root in the soil layer. Drip irrigation technology is a localized irrigation method.

Micro spray irrigation technology refers to the irrigation method and technology in which the pressurized water is evenly and accurately sprayed on the branches and leaves of each plant or the soil surface around the root system of the plant with the help of a small sprinkler head transported to the last stage pipe of the facility by the water transportation and distribution pipeline and the micro-sprinkler head installed on it. Micro spray irrigation technology can be localized irrigation and full irrigation.

Therefore, it is very necessary to choose suitable irrigation methods for crop growth. Choosing a good irrigation product is also the most important. Our company produces high quality PE drip irrigation tape, micro spray pipe, PE layflat hose, PE agricultural pipe and other irrigation products. Warmly welcome to consult if you have any questions and inquiries.