1. Water-saving
Because drip irrigation is localized, it reduces deep leakage and surface evaporation. Generally than the surface irrigation province water 1/3~1/2, than sprinkler irrigation province water 15%~25%.

2. Energy saving
Drip irrigation system uses low pressure operation, can reduce the energy consumption of pumping station, the general working pressure is 50~150, lower than sprinkler irrigation.

3. Uniform irrigation
Drip irrigation is accurate irrigation, the whole system can effectively control the flow of each emitter, irrigation uniformity can reach 80%~90%.

Round Emitter Drip Pipe-1

4. Increase Production
Drip irrigation can be in a timely manner to the root area of the crop to provide fertilizer, so that soil moisture to maintain a good level, to facilitate the absorption of water and nutrients crops; drip irrigation can also adjust the field microclimate, to create a good growth environment for crops, compared with other irrigation methods can generally increase production of about 30%.

5. Strong adaptability to soil and topography
Both suitable for viscous soils and for sandy soils, because it is a pressure pipeline to transport water, it is suitable for both flat and hillside hilly areas.

6. Labor saving
Drip irrigation system does not need land leveling, trenching, can be implemented automatic control, greatly reduce the field irrigation and labor intensity.