The meaning of compensate in pressure compensate emitter is in the main performance parameters of the drop emitter, flow is carried out on the stability of the compensation, pressure compensation drop emitter wholesale manufacturers, in short, when pipe pressure becomes large or small, flow velocity to change, after a drop head of the internal structure of the control, the water will flow at a speed of more stable.

How is the pressure compensated emitter implemented?

The main reason is that the emitter is equipped with a silicon rubber sheet to adjust the flow passage section. The flow velocity in the emitter passage with high pressure is high, but the section is small, which can maintain the water output will not increase accordingly. On the contrary, the flow passage with low pressure can maintain the water output without decreasing although the section is large.

This function can increase the length of the capillary laying, and the pressure compensation emitter is no longer limited by the topography of the land. The turbulent state of the pressure compensation emitter can be perfectly controlled in any undulating and steep land.

Pressure compensation emitter manufacturers stressed that they should increase the investment in agricultural water-saving irrigation and give priority to supporting arid areas.

Pressures-compensated emitter agent manufacturer explained, taking drip irrigation system as an example, a typical drip irrigation system is composed of water source project, the first control hub, water transmission and distribution pipe network and emitter (emitter and drip irrigation belt). The project is large, complex and expensive, so it is imperative to increase the capital investment in agricultural water-saving irrigation.

Pressure compensation emitter agent manufacturers believe that the country should first for drought-prone areas according to the local economic conditions priority.

Under the background of the Ministry of Finance vigorously promoting the PPP model, governments at all levels of course occupy the dominant position, but they should also try to expand and encourage the injection of funds from other channels to give different forces to the water-saving irrigation industry.