As the emitter part of drip irrigation system with long-term work and variable load environment, the drip irrigation emitter has high working intensity. If the manager has various improper operations during maintenance, the drip irrigation emitter may have various problems and failures, which affect the normal operation of drip irrigation system and thus affect our economic benefits. Therefore, it is necessary to learn to solve all kinds of failures encountered by drip irrigation emitter independently in order to reduce the loss.

1. Some drip irrigation emitters do not produce water, or the water is uneven and stable.

A very common fault may be that the emitter is inserted too deep into the pipe wall during installation. Or not equipped with a filter or filter problems, coupled with poor water quality, the emitter is easy to clog. When the drip irrigation emitter is blocked, if the emitter belongs to the removable type, it can be removed and cleaned; if not, the whole emitter should be replaced.

2. Most of the drip irrigation emitters do not water, some water

When most emitter does not water, then basically the problem is on the pipeline, check whether the bypass is damaged, whether the valve is fully open, whether the capillary is blocked, whether the capillary is broken and leaking. The broken part can be cut off and reconnected. There is no need to replace the whole pipe.

3. The water flow of most drip irrigation emitters is too small

Too small water flow from drip irrigation emitter indicates that the pressure of drip irrigation system is too low, which may be caused by insufficient power of the pump, clogged irrigation filter, or broken water leakage in the main pipe. So the corresponding repair pump failure, or increase the booster pump, clean the filter, and repair the pipeline.

4. Drip irrigation emitter flow is too large, the state of water spraying

Drip irrigation emitter can not drip water normally, direct injection, may be the system pressure is too high, may also be loose drip irrigation emitter shell, internal damage. Adjust the pressure of the pipeline system through the pressure regulating valve to the normal state, if it can not be solved, the problem is caused by the emitter, check whether the installation is loose, loose, tighten, or can not be solved, it means that the internal structure of the emitter has been damaged, it is not recommended to repair, can be directly removed and replaced.