Drip irrigation equipment in the field application of improper use of a variety of accidents, including pipe explosion, water piercing, burns and powder. Causes of the accident, there are filled with equipment manufacturer congenitally inadequate design and manufacturing, there is also a manufacturing process in the process of drip irrigation belt and the improper operation, mainly in the improper selection of raw materials and formulation design.

The amount of water produced by drip irrigation should be suitable for the needs of crops. For example, the irrigation of fruit trees generally requires a large amount of water, so the use of turbulence as a drip irrigation device, vegetables and fruits generally use drip irrigation belt or drip irrigation pipe. Drip irrigation should be suitable for crop needs. For example, cucumber, tomato and other crops are irrigated with submembrane drip irrigation belt and submembrane drip irrigation pipe to reduce air humidity and reduce morbidity. Flowers, seedlings and fungi generally adopt micro-sprinkler heads or micro-jet belts to increase air humidity and promote crop growth. The choice of drip irrigation pipe should follow the principles of economic application, scientific and reasonable, simple operation and convenient management.

Scientific irrigation is an irrigation method that has been vigorously promoted, including drip irrigation, micro-spraying, seepage irrigation, sprinkler irrigation and other modern irrigation methods. It is necessary to make reasonable design according to the characteristics of water demand, growth stage, climate and soil conditions of corresponding plants, formulate corresponding irrigation system, timely, appropriate and reasonable irrigation.